About Us
Policy & Business Conduct
Integrity is one of Wellesta's fundamental values
Business Partnerships & Code Of Conduct
To build our business and strengthen our partnerships with Healthcare companies and stakeholders in an ethical and high integrity manner.
Our ethics, quality and integrity strengthen our partnerships with:
  1.    Pharma, OTC and Healthcare companies
  2.    Healthcare professionals
  3.    Patients and Patient-care groups
  4.    Government Healthcare Departments
Conducting ourselves with integrity helps us to earn the trust and respect of our stakeholders, and this trust is the foundation for our success.
Our Ethos
At Wellesta, our endeavor is to provide accessible and affordable healthcare as we believe that everyone is entitled to good healthcare. While conducting business we embrace our core values of integrity, honesty, trust and commitment to our customers, and this gets reinforced in all our practices, behaviour and policies towards all stakeholders.
By doing so we see Wellesta as the first choice for patients, customers, clients and Stakeholders.
Patients appreciate being at the centre of Wellesta’s values.