About Us
Company Overview
Wellesta Holdings is company that is headquartered in Singapore with market presence in India and South East Asia. We will serve clients to provide commercial and marketing support using innovative approach across the Wellesta value chain.
Wellesta has experienced marketing and promotion associates which will provide value added partnerships for principals and healthcare professionals.
Our Vision
Wellesta has planned to provide a wider range and cost effective pharmaceutical; healthcare products to a broader population base in the countries we serve.
Healthcare companies prefer Wellesta as their partner
To support and provide better healthcare products in the countries we serve.
Healthcare providers accept Wellesta as an ongoing knowledge provider in areas Wellesta operates.
Patients appreciate being at the centre of Wellesta’s values
Employees value a continued learning environment in which to excel & grow in company.
Our Mission
Our strategy is to be a valued partner supported by productive partnerships with other Healthcare companies.
Digital Empowerment
Technical Scientific Knowledge
Collaborative, Highly Agile Team
Employees with high scientific knowledge as value added partner for HCP & customers
We provide high quality right priced healthcare products in the countries we serve
Wellesta will share profits with employees in each country
Laws & Regulations
Wellesta's all subsidiaries will follow the laws and regulations of each country in which we work and operate in.

Partners & Vendors
Wellesta also holds our partners and vendors to high standards. They are expected to comply with all laws and relevant policies and procedures that apply to their work conduct on or by Wellesta’s behalf.